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This set includes 15 actions that cover a little bit of everything! There are exposure (light, dark) adjustments, as well as saturation adjustments. The set also features two actions that will make adjustments to blue skies to make them pop, and sunset skies to bring out the reds and purples. And, to add some vintage fun, there are several film inspired actions, including warm and cool light leaks.

All of the layers will remain open so that you have the ability to go back and tweak each layer to suit your personal preferences. Also, you will never be left on your own if you have questions or you are new to Photoshop. I am always available for help! When you purchase the actions, you will be asked to sign-in through Paypal, at which point you will receive a link for an instant download. All files are .ZIP files which you will have to “unzip” but if you do not have a program that does this, you can download a free trial of Winzip for PC and Mac HERE!

Purchase for Photoshop CS2, 3, 4 & 5: $27
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Purchase for Photoshop Elements: $27
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Before and After:

Photo by Debbie R